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If you are struggling to get better outcomes and progress for your firm, you must try and work towards implementing Lean Six Sigma at your firm. Lean Six Sigma, though not a new strategy in this modern world, has high success rates. However, the correct implementation is very important for achieving the benefits. And it’s the reason we exist. Lean Six Sigma Experts of West Virginia is a training and consultancy firm that can guide you in any service regarding Lean Six Sigma. For deeper insights on the services provided, read along.


What is Lean Six Sigma?

LSS is an effective methodology that relies on real-time data and aims to reduce errors in the system with proper plans and procedures. It is a widely used methodology that brings huge benefits to all the organizations where applied. 

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma implementation

Lean Six Sigma methodology works on the core of an organization and builds an approach to deliver customer outcomes. The benefits of deploying Lean Six Sigma are multifarious. Some noteworthy ones mentioned below:

Talent Development: Lean Six Sigma deployment needs every employee in the firm to grasp the principles and practical application of the techniques. This shift focuses on talent development and embeds learning as a culture within the firm. Growth comes with better results. And better results come after continuous learning and up-skilling become a part of the organization holistically.

Quality Delivery Enabled Through Efficient Business Processes: Data-driven decision making with outcomes right in the first time, improved throughput, and better transparency are direct benefits of Lean Six Sigma. A client-centric focus on quality ensures that customer needs and desires are continuously heard and worked on. It ensures that the product/solution designs plus delivery mechanism quickly worked to the new market realities.

Scalable Across Different Sectors: Initially, there used to be a misperception that Lean Six Sigma is more applicable to manufacturing and engineering companies. In the last few decades, applying these principles within other sectors like BFSI, IT, and Retail has proven that these techniques have cross-industry applications and can be used without worry.

Becomes the Basis for Cutting-edge Technology Deployment: Lean Six Sigma drove continuous betterment initiatives blend with digitization and deployment of cutting-edge technology. This methodology is vital to a successful Digital Transformation.

Enhances Brand Value: Customers will only trust organizations that are able to reply to the issue faced by them in a timely manner and resolve the same with integrity. Lean Six Sigma creates a culture of people and a sequence of processes and procedures that help build upon customer success quotient, thereby enhancing the value of your firm.

Frequently asked questions regarding Lean Six Sigma are mentioned here.

Answer: The goal of Six Sigma is to make an effective process with 99.99996% defect-free. It means that Six Sigma will produce a process with 3.4 defects per million opportunities or less as a result. Six Sigma is a structured problem-solving technology.

The problems are resolved using an effective DMAIC methodology. The five stages are:


Answer: Lean is a systemic approach to reduce the errors produced. It aims to remove the processes that are not needed and lead to loss of money and investment. It is a never-ending approach to remove waste and promote a continuous chain of improvement. The major benefits include:

  • Reducing process cycle time
  • Improving product delivery or service time
  • Reduction in the chances of defect generation
  • Reduction of the inventory levels
  • Optimization of resources for key improvement, among others.

Answer: If the defects and errors are persisting for a long-time duration, it is the right time to implement Six Sigma. If you have tried many procedures, but none gave results that resolved your issues, you should try to implement Six Sigma. Six Sigma is not so easy. It involves a consistent path for determining the issue, causes, and finding relevant solutions to it. You should not worry when Lean Six Sigma Experts of West Virginia are there to assist you in each step of the process.

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We would not be considered and named as the best if it weren’t for our hard-working group of professionals, coaches, trainers, and instructors. Through their combined efforts, we established and built a structure that would be useful and creative in solving the issues and the hurdles of most businesses and firms. Throughout the years of supplying versatile types and kinds of Lean Six Sigma Services, we’ve placed our money in the best and the most successful investments there is. We work for the betterment of organizations like yours to meet their goals.

As a result, we are now the top-rated, most dependable, and most authentic Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training & Certification Company in the entire area of West Virginia. If ever you are in a middle of a dilemma where you’re not capable of picking between Lean Six Sigma Experts of West Virginia and another company – try to compare and evaluate the value of what you will be getting for the money you pay.

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